How to distinguish between the old version and the new version

How to distinguish between the old version and the new version

Many customers ask us why their machines can only test screens from 6S to 11pro max, not be able to test the latest 12 series screen, they told us they bought it from eBay, Amazon or other where else recently, it is very likely that they bought the machine manufacturered last year, it is OLD version, not NEW version, so it does not support the latest 12 series screen test, so how to distinguish between the old version and the new version?

The OLD version on the back of box wirte “iTestBox” while the NEW version write “iTestBOX-12”, details see the compare below:



How to update and make OLD version be able to test 12 series screens

Many customers told us that it is too bad that they cannot upgrade their existing machines to test the latest 12 series screens. We do think so. In order to solve this, we have now launched a function expansion board (Update FPC). By upgrading to the latest system and connecting this FPC, you could test the 12 series screen then.

Step 1: Download the system file

Step 2: Update the system (follow the steps below)

  1. please get an empty Usb disk ready, format it with FAT32. Then extract the update file, then copy the extracted files into the root of Usb disk, don’t put these files into any directory.
  2. Turn off the testbox, plug into Usb disk.
  3. long press the “ON/OFF” key and “BRIGHTEST” key , until the UPDATE light start twinkle, which means update starts, then plug in charge line.
  4. wait for about 25 mins, it beeps “Di”, the UPDATE light stays in GREEN, and no RED light shows. The update finished.

Step 3: buy an extra Update FPC Board and connect to base board

Step 4: if you want to test 12 series screens, please dont forget to buy flex cables for them.

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