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Below are latest supported models for S300 LCD Tester: (Update to 2023-01-11)

It has 276 flex cables that support 572 different models.

  1. It includes 23 flex cables that support 23 models for iPhone LCDs from 6g to 14 Plus (Not 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max)
  2. It includes 73 flex cables that support 130 different models for Huawei
  3. It includes 47 flex cables that support 58 different models for Samsung screens
  4. It includes 44 flex cables that support 167models for Oppo
  5. It includes 48 flex cables that support 133 models for Vivo
  6. It includes 41 flex cables that support 61 models for Xiaomi

Flex Cables for iPhone

for iphone flex cable

Flex Cables for Samsung

for samsung flex cable

Flex Cables for Huawei

for huawei flex cable

Flex Cables for Xiaomi

for xiaomi flex cables 2022 12 31

Flex Cables for Oppo

flex for oppo 20221205

Flex Cables for Vivo

flex for vivo 20221205

If you want to check by Excel file please download link below:

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We are planning to make lcd tester for Samsung, but there are too many models, we can’t make all the models in 1, so we are going to do it step by step, some models if few customers need it we will not make it. We’d like to know what model you want us to make at the beginning. We care about you and want to hear from you!