Why buy from us?

Why buy from us directly?

Many customers will ask what are the differences between buying from you and other distributor or agents, it is a sad story, but we have to say:

1.Avoid wrong goods bought

Recently we get a few customers feedback that their testbox can not test all 12 series lcds, and we find they bought the wrong goods.

this is our i testbox

We have only 2 colour, black and white.

this is not our i testbox

This one is not our product, but always told by other sellers that it is our updated products.

2. 7/24/365 Support


We heard from many customers that they buy elsewhere, but the seller only collect money and dont provide service all the time if they have any questions, that made us feel sad. If you did not buy from us directly, normally we will be there for you on our working hours, but if you buy from this store directly, we will be there 7/24/365 support.

3. Free Return Service

This is the main reason why we recommend you buy from us directly, recently we get a few feedback from customers that they try to contact sellers to deal with after-service but failed, so they have to contact us directly, this is a shame to hear that, so we decide to encourage these who are not sure where to buy to buy from us. 

  • If you meet after-service which can not solved on your side, but did not buy from us directly, you could send back to us and we will solve the issue for you.
  • If you buy from us directly, and meet issue we can not solve, we will offer free return service to solve the issue for you. (under 1 year warranty)
free return
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