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User Guide

This is the user guide for DL S200/S300 /R100/R100P

User guide for DL S200

this is our i testbox

User Guide (Video)

User Guide (Text)

User Guide (PPT File)

User guide for DL S300

dls300 itestbox lcd tester2

User Guide (Video)

User Guide (PPT File)

User guide for R100/R100P

Please update the device uk best essays.org to the latest version to ensure it works perfectly. 

R100/R100P System Update

Truetone recovery if you have original screens

Truetone recovery WITHOUT original screens

If you want to know more about how to use testbox, please check videos from our Youtube by clicking button below:

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We are planning to make lcd tester for Samsung, but there are too many models, we can’t make all the models in 1, so we are going to do it step by step, some models if few customers need it we will not make it. We’d like to know what model you want us to make at the beginning. We care about you and want to hear from you!