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System Update


We currently have DL S200, S300 LCD TestBox and R100 Truetone recovery device, they are keeping updating, please check which device you have and click to download latest file and update to support latest models.

Please confirm your device first before download

DL S200 (Both iTestBox 11 and 12)



If your testbox did not work fine when you receive it, please help check the user guide first or contact your seller or contact us first to check, please DO NOT update the files when your box not working perfectly with receiving, surely we will be happy to help you with this but we are not responsible for this. 

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We want to hear from you

We are planning to make lcd tester for Samsung, but there are too many models, we can’t make all the models in 1, so we are going to do it step by step, some models if few customers need it we will not make it. We’d like to know what model you want us to make at the beginning. We care about you and want to hear from you!