DLZXWIN R100/R100P/R200 System Update

Before updating, please confirm the version date of your R100/R100P/R200 device:

  1. Version date before 2022-04-12
  2. Version date 2022-04-12
  3. Version date after 2022-04-12

Please refer to the video to update, R100&R100P device choose r100_update_mcu_app.bit file to update. R200 device choose r200_update_mcu_app.bit file to update.

Update Demo

Declare: we advise you to contact the seller whom you bought the device from first to get the system file and video tutorial, if you fail to get in touch with them then you can follow the video and download the file to update and we do not undertake the lose for any damages during updating.

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