DLZXWIN DL S800 ULTRA Tester System Updates

Please note: This is S800 ULTRA update page, please DO NOT regard it as S800 as their files are totally different. S800 and S800 ULTRA just look similar, their hardware and system are totally different.

Their update steps are same, currently we do not have S800 ultra update guide video, so you can refer to S800 update method, their system files are different. 


  1. Download the file
  2. please get an empty Usb disk ready, format it with FAT32. Then extract the update file, then copy the extracted files into the root of Usb disk, don’t put these files into any directory.
  3. Turn off the testbox, plug into Usb disk.
  4. long press the “ON/OFF” key and “BRIGHTEST” key , until the UPDATE light start twinkle, which means update starts, then plug in charge line.
  5. Click “Recovery” button when screen have this notice
  6. wait for about 20 mins, it beeps “Di”, the UPDATE light stays in GREEN, and no RED light shows. The update finished.

Video Tutorial

Declare: we advise you to contact the seller whom you bought the device from first to get the system file and video tutorial, if you fail to get in touch with them then you can follow the video and download the file to update and we do not undertake the lose for any damages during updating.

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