1.5*1.8CM Small Size USB Disk For S300 LCD Tester (Including Latest System File)


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Please note:

  • This is not been sold separately, only for sell if order more than 30USD and also add this item together when purchasing, if you buy this item only we will not ship the order.
  • Each order can at most order 1pc of this USB disk.
  • This is aim to help customers who buy new flex cables and also need to update theri device easier.
  • This is just a USB disk with latest system files.
  • The old red usb which come with the box is still working good, you DO NOT need to buy this extra if that one works fine
  • After 2022-12-01 all S300 orders we come with this new USB disk, it is the same one as this one, so you can use that one to update and connect to test screens for xiaomi, oppo and vivo

4 Steps to update using this usd disk which includes system file already:

  1. Power off S300 device
  2. Plug in the USB disk
  3. Long press POWER + BRIGHTEST Buttons until sound of “DI” (Around 3 seconds)
  4. Wait the instruction of device (you can see in small screen) to connect charging line and press MODE button to start and then just wait it finished (Around 20 minutes)
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